When life images…From nowhere and everywhere..The whole Cosmos dances, plays music and vibrates in all directions… Emergence is through exit ….It is from the seed, from the tree…The seed and tree are one….Exit and emergence are one…Death is an emergence of life….‘I’ has gone, left and ‘I’ has arrived

A Heart that Smiles

There was a heart that was very big and full of life.It only knew how to give.It was tired of giving and it needed repairs. So it decided to take a break.It decided to rest and renew.It decided to become even more bigger and sweeter, so that it could now learn to receive.It is now […]

From Longing to Belonging

From Longing to Belonging When the longing is too longWhen I don’t know how to belongI peep from behind the door, all frozen and confusedI don’t know where my heart can pourI long for a touch, a smile, a feel…Why can’t some one simply say, I love you???Is that a big deal??? But that girl […]


Seed I feel the entire Universe inside of meAnd yet I am nothing…nothing at allWhat magic is this?I cry when I am happyAnd I smile when I am sadContrasts are blending into each otherI have started seeing spaces in betweenI see existence in those intermediate spacesConstant is disappearing, flow is happeningStart has become the end, […]

My Vast Expanse

My Vast Expanse In this vast expanse, where am I?Is there a vast expanse? Or is it only me?Are we the same – me and the vast expanse?Yes the little me is the vast meI am no longer little or vast“I am” no longerSomething has dissolved completelyThere is only nothingness, which is everythingnessI can feel […]