29th July, 2019… My 50th Birthday

My birthday gift on my 50th year was something that shook me to death,
and yet, brought me truly alive.

Flash back – 12th April, 2019

It was a Friday. I was just going for a game of squash, and then somehow, I didn’t feel like heading out.
I was feeling a bit irritated and tired. At 11.30am, I had this explosion in my head and I could literally sense the blood flow in my brain. My head was bursting with pain, I screamed for my daughter, and suddenly fell unconscious.
The next thing I know, I find myself somewhere in a place that’s almost magical and heavenly – the ICU.
In medical terms, I was going through something called Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (Cerebral Aneurysm). For me, it was a life-changing gift. I was the ‘Chosen One’, or you could say, the ‘Lucky One’; the one who was ready to face death and life.
The next 10 days in the ICU was an unexplainable journey.
I appeared to be ‘sick’, but I was not. I knew I was going through an ‘awakening’, and for that, everything had to shut down. Yes, I totally slowed down. Actually, I was made to slow down. Everything within and around  me stopped.
Each moment was crucial, every breath mattered. There were times when I didn’t know whether it was day or night, so many needles, so many machines, so many tests; and yet at times, I cried… out of gratitude.

There were times when I could not do the most basic things like walking, talking, eating and yes, even breathing was difficult.  A soft gentle voice soothed me and told me, “Mama, breathe! Even one breath is enough.” And yes, that really was ENOUGH.

I have received this special gift, I see the Infinite Self.
Did I fall or did I rise? I became the depth, in which everything fell and rose
I came home to my body, I came home to my soul, I came home to ME.
No thought, no emotion, no concern, no suffering.
I was held by some miraculous faith.
I was held by an invisible, yet very tangible power,
that was with me throughout this journey.
A journey of love, faith, courage, and acceptance.
A journey from dying to living.
It’s like I saw it all and went through all.
I sailed through, effortlessly, and with me my family sailed too.
A journey I now call ‘A Ship That Sails’
In the last three months, I have received such deep cherishing gifts,
and some gifts are yet to unfold.
Could I have asked for more?

In my life, there were too many turns.
But this was a big one.
That  threw me right down, very deep.
And the only way was, to rise.
A turn, that turned me over.
To a new life, new being,
new living, new meaning.

I will continue to share the gifts I received…
Join me at geetabhansali.wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “29th July, 2019… My 50th Birthday

  1. Geetu… I am speechless! This is heart warming 💓
    May you continue to walk the chosen path with joy & grace!


  2. Hi…
    Truly inspiring and heart warming… As a family it was complete trauma for us outside but for her it was a different awakening inside… Her positive and her faith made her ship sail and anchor it again to our house. It’s a journey to understand and value this life on earth and the purpose of the soul.. …


    • Thanks Bimal, our relationship has deepened to another level
      And you were rock solid centre holding all of us together
      Yes I do know I have returned to.cmplete my soul purpose


  3. So beautiful Geeta. There is so much to learn from different aspects of soul. Its never enough for me to read inspiring stories where souls take over our life and shows us how they are the boss!! Keep inspiring Keep writing Keep Shining Bright and High. Thank you for sharing this gift with me 🙂


    • Thank you Pooja and I also wonder how souls just connect..I found a connect with u instantly and yes your work is also so inspiring..let your soul guide you in your journey


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