Two lives

‘Every person has two lives and the second one starts when you realise that you have one”

I read this the other day and I became aware…
wow, this holds so true for me.

For me, the realisation came when I was ready…ready to face death, ready to live again.

When this realisation comes, you not only live again, but you also fall in love again and when you fall in love, everything seems unreal magical surreal..
Every moment seems like a lifetime

I wish to paint again
Colour everything that’s dull
Live empty, live full
Climb hills, float in the seas and in the skies
No more ifs, buts, whys
Wish to do everything that’s possible and impossible
Be the angel, the fairy, gifting wishes
Sing songs, dance, swirl, sway
Cry, make merry and play
Yes, I wish to live again
‘coz I have a new heart, new brain

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