12th of April

12th of April 2019.
This date is etched not only in my brain, but also in the core of my heart.
This day, last year, the blast happened in my brain.
Just like how a big bang creates a new Universe…
similarly, my Big Bang created a new ME and a new Universe for me.
Everything paused, dropped or maybe, moved… with great velocity.
I experienced immense shifts in my Being.
My Cerebral Aneurysm, what I now call my ‘Anny’, my sweet cute little Anny, has brought to me huge gifts.
I am going to cherish these gifts for lifetimes to come.
I bring my journey to you through my book ‘A Ship that Sails’. I penned this book after I came back home from the ICU, last year.
Every word of the book and the art, comes from the deepest space of my being.
I hope you receive the gifts of my experience through this book.
I have published this book and it is now available on Amazon and Notion press.
You may not be able to order your book yet, given the current situation.
These are the links for my book as well as my blog
https://geetabhansali.wordpress.com/  (blog on ‘A Ship that Sails’)

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