Looking good and feeling good

Looking good and feeling good

The other day when I had to go for a wedding and I thought…
Who has been been invited??? Me, my attire or my looks?

I wonder how much time, money, energy is spent on looking good…
I know looking good does contribute to feeling good
But for me feeling good is most important
I will put in effort to look good, only when I choose to..
I am actually happy with my ‘do chodi kapada’

I remember as a child, my son used to wear the same Manchester tshirt almost everyday..he didnt care if he looked good, as long as he felt good
How and why and where do we lose this basic understanding???
Why do we lose our authentic selves?

There was a time I spent thousands on my hair, clothes, shoes just to fit in
Now I simply wear my smile and attitude, coz it doesn’t matter if I fit in or fit out

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